Porsche Mission X: Electric Concept Hypercar

Porsche, a leading Auto player just unveiled its new Concept Electric Car Porsche Mission X.

On the completion of its 75 years in Business in sports car Porsche today announces it concept car Porsche Mission X. It show the clear picture that what a future electric cars will look like. Mission X comes with an all-electric powertrain for high performance. Porsche did not disclosed that this car will go in production or not.

Porsche Mission X

Design of Porsche Mission X

As of design Mission X is inspired from some of the Porsche hypercars as Carreta GT/ 918 Spyder. Front profile is low with vertical LED headlamps and DRLs. There is a big opening to direct the airflow to keep motors and other components cool. The body of the Mission X is just 47.2 inches tall which gives it a low profile. Porsche is giving LE Mans Doors that open upwards and forwards. Same door were used in Porsche 917.

The windshield curves are prominent and wheel sizes are 20 inches for front and 21 inches for rear. This gives Mission X a good aerodynamics. The rear axle is fitted with transparent aero blades with the shape of turbines. It cools brakes efficiently.

Porsche Mission X

As the car is pinnacle of performance and modern luxury, it is beautifully sculpted with muscular lines. A combination of power and Beauty.

Its top comes with a lightweight transparent glass dome comes with exoskeleton made up of carbon fibre.

Dimensions of Porsche Mission X

Porsche Mission X

The length of Porsche Mission X is 4.5 metres and width is 5 metres. It has got wheelbase of 2.73 metres. If we compare these dimensions it is nearly as of Carrera GT. It comes is color called Rocket Metallic. Which looks pretty cool for such a beautiful beast.

Perfect Seats

The seats are adapted to driver through scans and gives maximum comfort to driver. Seats are made with custom upholstery. It is also equipped with six point seatbelt and a led strip illumination. Passenger seat is in brown and driver seat in contrasting grey color. It has a symmetrical design to put the drive at the heart of the things. The top pad can be removed If driver is driving with helmet. The pedals can be adjusted as per the requirements. All the essential controls are in driver’s axle. It comes with the centre curved display which shows all performance data.

Porsche Mission X

Steering wheel with leather grips allows driver to customize the chassis control systems. The steering wheel is a state of the art work. With the touch of the button six cameras, three interior and three exterior capture the track. A highlight video is captures directly.

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